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MAX30102 Heart Puls rate Sensor Module #X4 X13711

MAX30102 Heart Puls rate Sensor Module #X4 X13711

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MAX30102 Heart Puls rate Sensor Module

متحسس دقات القلب متوافق مع جميع انواع المتحكمات 

يتوفر بسعر 5,000 دينار

Module parameters:
Circuit board size: 1520mm
Circuit board thickness: 2.5mm
Module function: measure heart rate, measure blood oxygen concentration, measure temperature supply voltage: 1.8v-5v
Detection signal type: light reflection signal (PPG)
Output signal interface: 12C interface
Communication interface level: 1.8/3.3v optional
Peak wavelength of red LED: 650nm-670nm
Peak wavelength of infrared LED: 870nm-900nm

Interface description:
VIN: power inlet, 1.8v-5v
SCL: clock of 12C bus
SDA: 12C bus data
INT: interrupt pin
RD: output 2.8v, drive infrared LED
RD: output 2.6v, drive red LED
GND: grounding


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