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DC 5V-12V 2-3 Wire Temperature Fan Speed Control

DC 5V-12V 2-3 Wire Temperature Fan Speed Control

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DC 5V-12V 2-3 Wire Temperature Fan Speed Control

جهاز تحسس الحرارة والتحكم بسرعة فان 12 فولت حسب مستوى الحرارة 
يمكن برمجة الجهاز لمعايرة سرعة الفان مع درجة الحرارة 

يتوفر بسعر 6,500 دينار 

1. This controller supports 2-3 wire fan temperature control and speed regulation with DC 5V-12V current not exceeding 0.9A, through smooth voltage reduction control, and supports low temperature shutdown of the fan power.

2. Please note that the power supply voltage must match the fan voltage!

3. For wiring, please pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of input! If the connection is reversed, the circuit board "FUSE bit" may be burnt


Working voltage: DC 5-12V (board working range DC 4.6-13.5V, over-range protection)

Control fan current: 0.1-0.9A (lower than 0.1A fan control effect is poor)

Circuit self-consumption: 10-30mA

Temperature probe model: 50K B=3950

Circuit operating temperature: -10℃ to 60℃

Probe temperature resistance: small blackhead 120℃, ring probe 110℃

Board size: 54mm*13mm*8mm (without interface), the fan interface extends 7mm

Factory default settings: basic speed control output Po=35%, acceleration temperature Tu=30°C, temperature control interval Td=5°C (35°C full speed), and the fan does not shut down when the temperature is low.


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