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6--30V & USB Timer #M7 12706

6--30V & USB Timer #M7 12706

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6--30V & USB Timer

تايمر ديلي يعمل على ال USB او 6--30V
يحتوي على 7 بروفايلات للعمل
يتحمل لود حتى 10 امبير

يتوفر بسعر 7,500 دينار

المواصفات التقنية للمنتج

1: working voltage: 6--30V supports micro USB 5.0V power supply.

2: trigger signal source: high level trigger (3.0V~24V), low level trigger (0.0V~0.2V), switch control (passive switch).

3: output capability: equipment that can control DC 30V 5A or less than 220v5A.

4: static current: 15mA working current: 50mA

5: service life: greater than 100 thousand times; working temperature: -40 - 85 C; size: 8.0*3.8*1.9cm

6: with optocoupler isolation, enhance anti-interference ability, industrial grade circuit boards, set parameters after power failure forever memory.

Time range

0.01 second (min) ~9999 min (max) continuous tunable

How to choose the time range:

In the OP/CL parameter modification interface, press the STOP key short and select the time range.

XXXX no decimal point, time range of 1 second ~9999 seconds

XXX.X the decimal point is in ten bits, and the time interval is 0.1 seconds ~999.9 seconds.

XX.XX decimal point in 100 bits, time interval 0.01 seconds ~99.99 seconds.

X.X.X.X the decimal point is bright, and the time range is 1 minutes ~9999 minutes.
For example, if you want to set OP to 3.2 seconds, move the decimal point to ten bits, and the LCD display 3.2.

Parameter Description: OP lead time, CL disconnection time, LOP cycle number (1 to 9999 times, "-" represents infinite cycle).


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