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2 in 1 USB to RS422 & RS485 Converter Adapter

2 in 1 USB to RS422 & RS485 Converter Adapter

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2 in 1 USB to RS422 & RS485 Converter Adapter   

ادبتر تحويل من منفذ الUSB الى   RS422 و RS485 عالي الجودة وبمواصفات صناعية 

يتوفر بسعر 16,000 دينار

Product selling point:

1. This converter adopts high-performance CH340T chip, and the supported operating systems include windows, linux, etc.!

2. Baud rate range: 300~115200bsp!

3. With TVS surge protection, product design is carried out in strict accordance with industrial requirements

4. The working status is clear at a glance. There are two kinds of indicator lights on the board.

When the USB is normal, the power light (red) is on,

One is that the computer turns to 422 (485) through USB, and then sends data to the outside, and the indicator light (red) is on;

One is when 422 (485) receives data and uploads data to the computer, the acceptance indicator (green) is on.

5. The appearance is small and easy to carry.

6. This converter is a USB2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1.

7. It can be directly plugged into the computer through the data cable, no external power supply is required.


Pin Definition:

Terminal definition of USB to 422

1---------------R- (receive)

2---------------R+ (receive)

3---------------T- (send)

4---------------T+ (send)

5————GND (ground)


Terminal definition of USB to 485



3---------------B- (485 way)

4---------------A+ (485 way)

5————GND (ground)


Typical applications:

1. Access control system, all-in-one card, attendance machine

2. Communication with PLC and man-machine interface

3. Industrial instrument with communication

4. Video control PTZ

5. Other places that require 485, 422 communication


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