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USB Current Voltage Charging Detector Dual Out #G7 011536

USB Current Voltage Charging Detector Dual Out #G7 011536

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USB Current Voltage Charging Detector Dual Out
مقياس للفولتية والتيار خاص للاجهزة التي تعمل على منافد ال USB
يفيد في معرفة حالة الشحن وقيمة الفولتية والتيار الخارج من الشاحنة اومجهز القدرة
ومعرفة جودة كيبل الشحن من خلال قيمة التيار العابر من خلاله
يحتوي على منفذين وعلى شاشتين لعرض التيار والفولتية

يتوفر بسعر 5,000 دينار

---- Can easily measure the operating current of the output voltage of the USB port and equipment 2. smallsize , no power , and other ancillary equipment, plug and play also detect USB charger output voltage and current are standard suitable for factories, Laboratory and users.
---- Technical indicators:
---- Scope of work: Current (0~5A) can detect mobile phone charger voltage compliance DC5V
---- Operating Range : U = 3 ~ 7.5V I = 0 ~ 5A
---- Resolution : Voltage 10mV current 1mA
---- Error : voltage <± 1% current <± 2%
---- Full scale drop : ( When measuring current ) 200mV
---- The tester uses a new generation of power four semi~ double loop integral converter IC , with a precision bandgap reference , range accuracy , high precision , stable and reliable performance , strong anti~interference ability , high temperature can be used for measuring USB powered or power consumption of the interface , mobile phone charger , U disk and other products.
---- 1, USB powered devices can be used to measure air , voltage loads , USB terminal equipment working voltage and current .
---- 2, The current and voltage cycle , easy to use and practical.
---- 3, Compact and easy to carry , no additional power supply


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